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September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day.  Awareness shines a light on this important issue, sending a message to those who are despairing, those who are grieving, and those who are supporting someone who is struggling.  It’s an opportunity to spread the message that help, hope, and healing are possible.  All of us can take a minute to change a life. Together, these moments can make a world of difference.

It is estimated that each day in Canada, 11 people end their life and 210 make a suicide attempt.  This startling statistic, courtesy of the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention, deserves more exposure.

Suicide occurs across all age, economic, social, and ethnic boundaries.  The pain that leads individuals to take their lives is unimaginable.  Their deaths leave countless family and friends bereaved and their communities impacted.

Join hosts Casey House and the OHTN for a webinar for service providers caring for people living with HIV, Suicide Intervention: Strategies for supporting clients with Yvonne Bergmans,  Wednesday September 27, 2-3 p.m.  Register at