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Paul Gauthier has been supporting AIDS charities since the emergence of the disease in the mid 1980’s. As a volunteer and union organizer with the flight attendants’ union, he successfully helped to rally union membership to call for public and financial support for the cause, despite the terrible stigma of the time. He also became a peer support volunteer with the AIDS Committee of Toronto but found this work physically and emotionally exhausting as years went on. No longer able to help in this way, Gauthier decided to make regular donations to Casey House. “I thought, what I could no longer do physically, I could do financially.”

Since those first days, Gauthier has been a regular donor to Casey House, first as an annual donor and then adjusting his gift to be a monthly one. “I know that with a monthly gift, I can more easily plan my budget so I don’t get a big hit at the end of the year. And it also means that money comes in regularly to Casey House, so they can plan their budget better.”

In 2000, Gauthier decided to leave gifts in his will to Casey House and two cancer charities that have touched his life. “I don’t have family, aside from some distant cousins and friends who don’t really need my money. I hope that my gift can help Casey House to keep up the wonderful work they’re doing. To me, Casey House is so forward thinking. It’s proactive in the way it helps people with this horrible disease, as opposed to reactive. They know how to get their help to all people who are affected and infected. I’ve seen with my own eyes how Casey House helps, and I trust they will use my money wisely.”