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In celebration of Volunteer Recognition Week, April 23-29, Casey House says thank you to the individuals who contribute their time and expertise to help Casey House deliver compassionate client-driven care for men and women living with HIV/AIDS.

Casey House is grateful for the commitment of volunteers like Katie Flynn.  Katie sees great value in the time she invests, “I am always impressed with all of the people who are devoted to providing such compassionate care and support for Casey House’s community members”.

And to board members like Priya Tandon, who when asked how her experience at Casey House has influenced her and how her perspective has changed Priya says, “I’ve realized that Casey House is THE example of excellent HIV/AIDS care – not only in Toronto but in the country.  It is a place that can be used as a model across the globe.” Priya says she has become even more positive about the amazing work that can be done in a compassionate way.

Volunteers at Casey House participate in a wide variety of activities: they support clients staying at Casey House; run recreation programs; build safe injection and inhalation kits; wrap Christmas presents; accompany clients to appointments; stuff envelopes; help out at foundation fundraising events; fill in at reception; and lead the organization as board members.

To all our 138 active volunteers, whether you have been helping for months or decades, thank you for all you do.