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When Christopher Walker tells people that he volunteers at CWalkerV5Casey House, their first reaction is a smile, Christopher finds “people are very aware of the great work Casey House does and the critical role it has played in our community since 1988.”

Christopher was a young adult during the late 80’s and early 90’s and watched a number of friends die from AIDS related illnesses. He says, “Casey house was one of the only havens at the time to provide care and comfort to those with HIV/AIDS. I believe that I am at a point in time in my life where I can make the greatest contribution to Casey House. My time is really just a thank you to Casey House for the profound effect it has had on my community.”

Christopher joined Casey House’s finance committee five years ago and became a member of the board of directors in 2014.

His first impression of the organization was just how committed the staff and volunteers are, “the engagement of the board and my interaction with the staff really demonstrate how much people care.”  Christopher is heartened that both staff and volunteers believe we are making a difference.

He lives in the Village, just a few blocks away from Casey House, and when he’s not volunteering Christopher enjoys life in the country and spends his time knitting and teaching other people how to knit.

In celebration of Volunteer Recognition Week, April 10-16, Casey House is featuring volunteers who contribute their time and expertise to help Casey House deliver inspired, compassionate care to men and women living with HIV/AIDS.