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Welcome to the twelve days of Casey House Christmas, December 22nd- January 2nd:

ch-christmas-ornament-2-b1st day: One giant heart.  Compassion has, and always will, find a home at Casey House.  It comes from genuine empathy and respect for our clients’ emotional and physical challenges.

2nd day: Two incredible social workers who work alongside nurses, doctors and other allied health professionals to help inpatient and community clients reach their health and wellness goals. Stabilizing health, reducing isolation, as well as recognition of the stigma, judgement and often shame some of our clients live with, is part of Casey House’s approach to caring for the whole person, not just their diagnosis of HIV.

massage3rd day: Casey House is one of only three hospitals in Canada with a full time staff member offering massage therapy to clients.  Read more in an article from Casey House’s massage therapist, Shona Thompson.

HealthBus4th day: Casey House community clients receive exceptional, expert clinical care from our four community nurses, who visit them wherever they call home.  The nurses develop personalized care plans, tailored for each individual, by engaging the client in the selection of the health and wellness goals that are set for their time with Casey House.

5th day: There are only five days left to qualify for a 2016 tax receipt.  If you haven’t donated to Casey House this year, and would like to… Donate now!

sean-jones-singing-in-aisle6th day: Six generous and talented performers donated their time to be part of Voices of Hope, our World AIDS day concert that took place December 1st. And that doesn’t count the musical director, co-producers, co-hosts, or all the other volunteers involved. See photos of the concert on Facebook

7th day: Seven pieces of art created as part of our World AIDS Day client art project, ‘Who Am I?’, invited clients to express through words and collage what part, if any, HIV plays in their story. img_2524

8th day: Casey House hosted eight mental health and HIV series seminars for health care professionals and HIV service providers. These education events build capacity and contribute to knowledge exchange among the community of HIV care providers.  Casey House also hosted two full day symposiums and two webinars in 2016. See the online event calendar for a list of upcoming education events

client-engagement-session-dec-2016-29th day: Nine client engagement sessions were held this year to seek client feedback and ask opinions from this key group of stakeholders

10th day: 10 sessions of yoga- a $1,000 donation covers the cost of 10 sessions of yoga, a calming mindful practice that brings clients together at Casey House, in a safe space. yoga

11th day: Eleven things to do- our research told us that inpatient clients typically have eleven outstanding things to follow-up with when they leave Casey House, significant tasks such as securing housing, picking up prescriptions, and attending follow-up appointments.  In partnership with PWA Casey House now gives every client a bag of non-perishable food upon discharge, so they don’t go home to an empty cupboard.

inpatientroom12th day: Casey House has 12 inpatient rooms for people with advanced HIV who need to be admitted to our hospital for sub-acute or palliative care. Most of the people admitted to Casey House are able to return home with their health stabilized in a matter of weeks with ongoing support through our community nursing program.  Find out how to access our care