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In celebration of the twelve days of Casey House Christmas December 21st – January 1st

1st day: Casey House has one big heart, we deliver inspired HIV/AIDS care with compassionCH Christmas ornament 2

2 dump trucks2nd day: See 2 cement trucks at at time pouring concrete for the first floor of our new home

3rd day: Over 3,000 face-to-face interactions between clients & community nurses or social workers held this year: therapy sessions & activities, treatments and clinical & palliative care.

4th day: we use the 4 windows of motivational interviewing- a client centred collaborative, empathic communication & counselling approach for supporting clients through change4 pane window

5th day: our 5 community nurses provide mobile care to marginalized, sometimes homeless, people with advanced HIV/AIDS- locating clients at shelters, their homes or places they’re known to frequent to keep them connected to treatment.

6th day: 60% of Casey House clients receive care for complex pain management

IMG_00937th day: All 7 days a week volunteers donate their time in all areas of the hospital: including resident support, appointment accompaniment, hairdressing, therapeutic pet visitors, and fundraising events.

8th day: our community nurses provide treatment 2,878 times a year, the equivalent of 8 times per day for all 365 days of the year.

9th day: Casey House provides 900 massages for clients through our donor funded massage therapy programmassage

10th day: our $10 million Rebuilding Lives capital campaign is helping build a brand new facility to expand & improve our capacity to provide advanced HIV/AIDS specialty health care services

HealthBus11th day: 11 is the minimum number of underhoused people our community nurse provides medical assessment and care for during the two hours every other week she’s on the Sherbourne Health Centre’s Health Bus. Along with medical assessments, individuals can get harm reduction kits, toothbrushes, socks etc.

JarvisRenderingMarch201512th day: 12 is the expected number of months before we open our new facility