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A generous Casey House donor will match your gift: your gift of $50 doubles and becomes a gift of $100. Your gift of $150 becomes $300.

With this special, and very generous opportunity, the Casey House story continues, and that story is both awe-inspiring and distressing.

Make your gift before March 31 to ensure it’s matched.

Casey House is the world’s first HIV/AIDS specialty hospital with inpatient and outpatient programs. We opened in 1988, when the epidemic was at its most frightening, as Ontario’s first stand-alone HIV/AIDS hospice. The care we provided then, and now, is awe-inspiring.

Your gift will support multiple areas of care:

  • Inpatient for those in need of 24-hour care including sub-acute, palliative or respite;
  • In-home nursing, social work and case management for those not able to travel to us;
  • Innovative day health program with goal-driven groups, workshops and clinical visits.

Our holistic view of the health care needs of this community has developed over our more than three decades history. We have many clients experiencing poverty, poor diet, and living in precarious housing, or even on the street. While the disease was identified more than 30 years ago there is still no cure, and those living with HIV may now be experiencing accelerated aging – with heart disease, diabetes, dementia. We ask that you consider supporting our clients with a gift in any amount – it will be doubled!

Our multi-disciplinary programs support June’s vision of a judgement-free environment for those living with HIV. This compassionate care brings warmth and dignity to those who need it most and empowers clients to live their best lives.

Donate before March 31st to help us raise the most money possible through this generous matching offer.