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Casey House is smashing stigma again to tackle disclosure in a workplace and with family and friends.

Following on the heels of June’s HIV+ Eatery and Healing House HIV+ Spa, the third iteration of #smashstigma explores how popular culture has the power to change perceptions of those living with HIV/AIDS and impact stigma.

After a survey revealed that 65 million North Americans would rather their favourite TV character die than see them diagnosed with HIV, our creative agency partner Bensimon Byrne rewrote two iconic sitcoms, Friends and The Office, and gave a lead character HIV to showcase and amplify stigma experienced from an HIV diagnosis. (note: the Friends episode has been taken down in response to a copyright claim)

Alongside the new episodes are six short documentaries of people living with HIV talking about their experiences with stigma.

Watch The Office and our docuseries, Untold Stories of Stigma at

The new campaign encourages people to consider the role popular culture has played, and could play, in reducing stigma and growing empathy for those living with HIV/AIDS.

Read the full press release here.