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Globe and Mail
A big red home to match Casey House’s big red heart
April 2017
Decay forced staff to retreat from the 1875 Italianate building but they are finally set to move back into their new, permanent home Read here

Daily Xtra
Toronto HIV/AIDS Hospital just shy of $10 million goal: New Jarvis St. facility to provide holistic care
May 2016
A pillar of Toronto’s HIV support community is looking for the public to chip in to help it get past the finish line for funding its new facility.
Casey House, Canada’s first stand-alone HIV/AIDS healthcare facility, is $500,000 shy of its $10 million capital campaign, which was launched in 2010.
“We are extremely pleased to be so close to achieving our goal, but Casey House clients deserve more,” writes Jaime Watt, chair of the capital campaign, in a release. “That’s why it is important for us to realize our dream of giving compassion a new home.” Read here

Toronto Star
Casey House expansion a boon to people living with HIV/AIDS
March 2015
Todd Kaighin is all smiles — laughs, really — when discussing his 23-year-old HIV diagnosis. “For a guy who was supposed to be dead 18 years ago, I think I’m doing pretty good,” the 53-year-old tells the Star with a deep chuckle, from inside Casey House, a Toronto hospital for people with advanced HIV/AIDS. “I win big on that draw.”
Casey House, which opened its doors in 1988, is currently undergoing a massive expansion that will see it better equipped to treat patients like Kaighin — people who have beat the odds due to advancements in anti-retroviral therapy. Read here >>

The Grid.TO
5 Things We Learned About Casey House
March 2013
Last Friday marked 25 years since Canada’s first freestanding HIV/AIDS hospice, Casey House, opened its doors near Jarvis and Wellesley. An ad-hoc group including activists June Callwood and Margaret McBurney led to its creation in 1988, back when there was essentially no treatment. Improved medication and shifting demographics have changed its focus from primarily palliative to community outreach and what they call “sub-acute care.” Here are a few things we found out at last week’s commemorative luncheon. Read here >>

Now Magazine
Class Action: My Job: Registered Nurse, Casey House – Katherine Burress – October 2012
“We provide specialized care to people living with HIV in a community setting. I went to McMaster University and I have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and health sciences. I also have a minor in anthropology. I’ve had an interest in HIV for many, many years. I’ve also been to Kenya to do work there. It combines my desire to work with marginalized populations and my awareness that HIV is really the most complex virus on earth. It’s a very challenging medical field. We don’t have a cure yet, so there’s a lot to learn.”  Read here >>

CBC Radio One
Metro Morning – October 5, 2012
Casey House Redevelopment News  Listen here >>

The Toronto Star
SnowBall 2012 Upped its Design Game for a Good Cause – Derick Chetty, Feb 2012
The gala on Saturday night took place at the swanky furniture showroom Avenue Road and it raised more than $340,000 for Casey House.  Read here >>

CBC Television News
1 in 120 Torontonians HIV-Positive – December 2011
Toronto has more HIV and AIDS cases than ever before, with an estimated one in 120 adults in the city now HIV-positive, a new report suggested Monday. In all of Ontario, the number of people living with HIV-AIDS grew by 31 per cent between 2003 and 2008 and that number continues to expand, said the report released by Casey House to mark World AIDS Week.  Read here >>

TVO’s The Agenda
No Need to Look Beyond On World AIDS Day – November 2011
On a day meant to bring international awareness of HIV/AIDS, Torontonians learn we need not look any further than our own city. A new report says 1 in 120 adults in Toronto are HIV-positive. “Facing the Future: An Innovative Response to the Urgent HIV/ADIS Crisis in Toronto” was authored by Dr. Kevin Gough, Director of Infectious Diseases at St. Michael’s Hospital and Stephanie Karapita, CEO of Casey House, a specialty hospital for people with HIV/AIDS. I spoke with Karapita yesterday on this new report, what it means for Torontonians and our local capacity to serve people with HIV/AIDS. Read here >>

Global Television News
2 Torontonians Newly Infected with HIV Every Day – November 2011
A new report on HIV/AIDS in Ontario is bringing to light some troubling statistics for Torontonians. Two Torontonians are newly infected with HIV/AIDS everyday and 1 in 120 adult Torontonians are living with the disease. Casey House, a hospital specializing in HIV/AIDS, released the report to coincide with the beginning of World AIDS Week and to outline new and significant challenges for Ontario’s Health Care system in dealing with HIV/AIDS.  Read here >>

Toronto Life Magazine
High Art, October 2011
Nine Good Reasons to Attend Art with Heart 2011 – One being the chance to own a Mapplethorpe.  Read here >>

Hospital News
Feature Story, September 2011
30 Years of HIV/AIDS: Casey House to revolutionize care in response to evolving epidemic
Read here >&gt:

Announcing a new home for Casey House – it’s time to dream BIG again! 
CP24 Coverage of Casey House Announcement at Pride 2011 – June 2011
Watch Here (click on part 5) >>

CTV National News
Aging & HIV – June 6, 2011
30 years after first AIDS diagnosis, Casey House is working to support long-term survival. Treatment has come far, but we have far to go. Watch here >>

The Toronto Star
When HIV Moves into Nursing Homes – by Susan Pigg, February 27, 2011
Winner, National Newspaper Award
It was as he writhed in pain on the bathroom floor, his anxious dog curled up in a ball against his back, that the grim reality of growing old with HIV hit Jim Ayerst. “I’ve never been suicidal, but that’s the first time I thought, it’s not worth it. I just want this over. “I considered jumping off my balcony — but I only live on the second floor.” A wry smile creeps across Ayerst’s weary face. He’s just 64 but feels 80. Read full article here >>

Global Toronto News
Elizabeth Taylor’s Toronto – by Lama Nicolas, March 23, 2011
Celebrating Dame Elizabeth Taylor’s life, with details about her HIV advocacy and her support of Casey House. Watch here >>

Toronto Star
Frockwatch: A Foot Fetishist’s Delight – by Derick Chetty, March 3, 2011
Hotel guests at the Four Seasons last Saturday night probably thought there was a chic cobbler convention in town. Groups of people could be seen traipsing through the lobby of the Yorkville hotel on their way to the Regency ballroom on the second floor, decked out in formal evening attire — and sporting shocking-red footwear. Read/view photos >>

National Post
Some like it haute – by Amoryn Engel, March 27, 2010
It was raining men (and gorgeous ones at that) at the recent Some Like It Haute benefit for Casey House (a. k.a. the SnowBall). The Four Seasons Hotel ballroom never looked so good! Read full article here >>

Hospital News
Easing pain and suffering at Casey House – March 2010
As Canada’s first freestanding HIV/AIDS hospice, now a specialty hospital, Casey House continually refines new approaches to relieving suffering and pain. Read full article (PDF)

Metro Newspaper
The trouble with plan B: HIV/AIDS drugs aren’t the safety net young people think they are – by Celia Milne, November 30, 2009
Message to young, sexually-active people: Don’t get lax about HIV/AIDS. Although it doesn’t kill as quickly as it used to, it’ll hasten illness and aging. Read full article here >>