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By sharing evidence-informed practices, we inspire interest, enhance knowledge, and develop broader capacity to care for people living with HIV. Our free seminars and webinars provide training and mentorship for a diverse range of health care professionals.

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Unconscious Bias: Employing radical empathy

Wednesday September 29, 12:30-3 p.m.

A workshop for health care and support service providers

Join Elder Valerie and Alia Ali (Empathy Catalyst Consulting) to discuss unconscious bias and examine why it can be so hard, yet important to identify and address. Look at the ways it can impact one’s day to day life, and professional life.

Identify unconscious bias and bring it into awareness to explore the possibility of changing perceptions & reactions.

Include lived experiences and struggles with medical care that can be a real threat to the health and wellness outcomes for individuals & communities most affected. Examine the real life cost of implicit bias when it is unchecked.

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