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Why Stephen Muscat is a Friend InDeed

How did you first learn about Casey House and what we do?
I was introduced to Casey House about 15 years ago by one of my mentors. It was interesting to learn how Casey House has evolved through the years, by attending events and speaking with board members, volunteers and staff. I also know a number of people who have been helped by Casey House. As an organization, it’s known for being extremely compassionate, and for really going that extra mile in terms of providing health care.

Why did you choose to support Casey House with a legacy gift in your will?
For me, it’s not so much about my own personal legacy, but knowing that I have a part to play in ensuring that the ongoing legacy of Casey House can continue. You can see by the history and the growth of Casey House that they operate with great integrity and with an interest in consistently moving forward. We don’t necessarily know what the future is going to be in terms of HIV and the health care system, but we do know that Casey House as a charity will work to advance care in the best way possible. Casey House has a great deal of integrity and it’s an organization that I’m proud to be associated with. I have been blessed in my life with wonderful family and friends. And I believe I have a responsibility to help others, and this is one way I choose to do it. There’s a level of integrity and respect that Casey House has demonstrated and I know that the money I leave them will be put to the best use.

Do you have advice for someone embarking on their own estate plans?
Estate planning is extremely important, primarily because it assists the people who are left behind. By making these decisions in advance, you ensure not only that your own wishes are met, but you’re also relieving the people in your life of that worry. If you don’t make your intentions known while you’re alive, then the burden will land on everyone around you to make appropriate decisions. That’s a lot of pressure. By creating a will, by clearly stating your intentions, you provide clarity. You’re removing the mystery and doubt.

So that’s my best advice to people: get your will done. Think of it as a gift you’re giving the people in your life, by making your intentions known. And while you’re at it, throw in a couple of lines that indicate your charitable intentions too.