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Jim was so sick, and he was depending on me. It was hard. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up my strength physically or emotionally. It was all on me. Then he went to Casey House for the first time, and I was even more afraid. I thought he must be going there to die. But I was wrong–Casey House got him back on his feet. It was like a miracle.

Matilda, caregiver

Matilda has been a close friend to Jim for 16 years, ever since she moved into his co-op building. They raised their dogs Herschell and Cleo together, like their children. In that time she’s helped Jim through his struggle with HIV/AIDS, twice nearly losing him to the disease. She cooks for him, and reminds him to take his medications. Twice, she’s cared for him in her home, with help from Casey House registered nurses, until a bed at Casey House became available.

With no partner or family in his life, Jim is lucky to have Matilda and a loyal group of friends who do what they can. They’re all grateful to Casey House for the team of registered nurses, social workers and personal support workers whose skill and dedication enable Jim to remain safe and supported at home.

“Nobody can manage HIV/AIDS by themselves. It’s too hard,” says Matilda. “I’m very glad Casey House is there, to help people like Jim who are very sick in the community, who are at home and alone without help.”

Each year, 150 clients like Jim rely on Casey House’s skilled in-home nursing care to remain safe and supported in their homes. It is only thanks to our donors that this life-saving help is possible.