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Casey House’s Strategic Plan emphasizes collaboration and the development of ongoing partnerships. We are part of a broad continuum of providers that care for persons with HIV. We recognize the critical importance of ensuring that persons with HIV/AIDS have timely access to the full range of community-based resources that they need. We work closely with our community partners to bridge expertise, inform and learn from each other. We work together to make the most effective use of resources for the care and well being of medically complex people living with HIV/AIDS.

Our current partnerships include:

Loft Community Services- McEwan Housing and Support Services

Casey House is an active partner in the McEwan’s Positive Service Coordination Project. Positive Service Coordination provides short and medium term intensive case management for people living with HIV who are homeless, living with a mental illness, use substances, have experienced a physical or mental health crisis, and who cycle through the health and judicial systems as a result. Positive Service Coordination is a partnership of 17 Toronto based community and clinical partners, including healthcare institutions, community organizations, and housing providers.

The HIV/AIDS Complex Care Project

The HIV/AIDS Complex Care Pilot, led by Fife House, was formed in 2012 with 12 partners, including Casey House. The initial two-year pilot was funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). It focused on the development of a model of community care and support which would increase access to services and health management for people living with HIV/AIDS who are aging with complex issues. The funding was focused on providing case management and research for the project. All partners, including Casey House, provided in-kind services.

In 2014, PHAC awarded the project a three-year grant, although Casey House did not receive any funds directly. A Casey House registered nurse conducts an initial assessment of each client, performs case planning, and organizes resources provided by Casey House. Furthermore, this registered nurse actively participates in the project planning and evaluation meetings and project activities. For many project clients, ongoing home care nursing visits are primarily funded by the Toronto Central CCAC, as is the case for most of Casey House’s home care clients.

The project supports 20 people living with HIV/AIDS with complex health needs and provides a range of assessment, interventions and supports to assist clients to remain in the community and reduce their impacts on hospital emergency departments and inpatient beds. All Complex Care Project clients are eligible to receive the full range of Casey House inpatient and community services, including the use of respite inpatient services. Finally, Casey House Chief Nursing Executive acts as a project leader with respect to the planning, design, implementation and evaluation of the both initial pilot and the current project.

St. Michael’s

Casey House and St. Michael’s have enjoyed a fulfilling collaborative relationship since Casey House opened in 1988. St. Michael’s provides necessary supports such as the supply of prescription drugs, lab services, employee health services and participation on the Board of Directors.

The Rekai Centres

Casey House partnered with The Rekai Centres (a long-term care facility) to develop an accessible and inclusive video teaching series for staff and volunteers working in long-term care settings. Entitled “Compassionate Care in a Changing Landscape: HIV/AIDS and Long Term Care,” these training videos feature the perspective of people working in HIV/AIDS and long-term care, as well as people who are themselves living with HIV/AIDS, and their families and loved ones. By understanding the care needs of people living with HIV/AIDS and the principles of empathetic care, frontline staff of these facilities will be equipped with the tools required to build a compassionate and comprehensive person-centred plan of care for people living with HIV/AIDS. This partnership is generously supported by Casey House donors and the AIDS Bureau of the MoHLTC. The video series was funded by MAC AIDS Fund.

Toronto HIV/AIDS Network (THN)

Casey House is proud to be an active member of the Toronto HIV/AIDS Network. THN focuses on Toronto’s HIV/AIDS services overall, not on individual organizations, with a ten point plan to make a positive difference for people who are living with, affected by, and/or are at risk of HIV/AIDS by improving the system of service delivery in Toronto.

Toronto HIV/AIDS Network Housing Partnership

Casey House is active in the THN Housing Partnership to further meet the needs of Toronto’s HIV/AIDS hard-to-house population.

Toronto Public Health – The Works

In recent years, as Harm Reduction has become an increasing focus of our care (including inpatient, community and outreach), Casey House has worked to expand teaching, training and support opportunities for front-line staff to enhance their care. In the spirit of this pursuit, in 2013, Casey House initiated a partnership with Toronto Public Health – The Works which provides job shadowing opportunities for staff at both organizations. Job shadowing enables Casey House front-line staff to shadow staff at The Works to understand their services, observe and learn about harm reduction in a community-based setting, as well as to build relationships, network and set personal harm reduction goals to be realized in this shadowing opportunity. The partnership goal is that all staff working in client services have the opportunity to spend a day at The Works as part of our Harm Reduction education.

Fife House & McEwan Housing

Casey House works closely with Fife House & McEwan Housing and support services to successfully transition clients back into the community.

Sherbourne Health Centre

On a regular basis, Casey House community nurses provide nursing services on the Sherbourne Health Bus. One of the regular stops is Toronto PWA. Casey House’s outreach work on the bus is funded by our donors.

Child Care Fund

Casey House Foundation raises these funds, which are administered by our partners. For more information please contact Kathryn van der Horden, Clinical Manager, at 416-962-7600 ext 298.

Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation and Maison du Parc

Casey House Foundation has a collaborative fundraising partnership with two HIV/AIDS care organizations in Vancouver and Montreal. Launched in 2008, Voices of Hope/Voix D’Espoir is Canada’s only nationally-coordinated World AIDS Day community concert event.

Women’s HIV Circle of Care Nursing Clinic

Every two weeks, a Casey House community nurse provides nursing care and education in a clinic setting.  This clinic is organized by Hassle Free Clinic, offers the expertise of a worker from PASAN, and is situated at  the offices of Toronto People with AIDS Foundation.  Casey House’s involvement in this clinic is funded by our donors.

Prisoners’ HIV/AIDS Support Action Network (PASAN)

Casey House provides RN support for a twice-monthly HIV clinic at the Prisoners’ HIV/AIDS Support Action Network (PASAN). Casey House and PASAN are also working together to increase our understanding of the philosophy and practices of Harm Reduction.