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Casey House’s inpatient program provides specialized, inter-professional HIV/AIDS care for people living with the advanced stages of HIV/AIDS. Most of the people admitted to Casey House are able to return home with their health stabilized with ongoing support through our community nursing program.  With the opening of the day health program, this offers another support on discharge of our inpatient clients and will work to decrease an inpatient’s length of stay.

Our inpatient program offers:

  • 24-hour care by doctors, nurses and other health care professionals
  • social work services
  • massage therapy
  • recreational therapy
  • physiotherapy and occupational therapy
“When you’re so sick and alone, you can feel unworthy of living…But at Casey House, they help you to live again.” - Kassim, Casey House Community Client

“When you’re so sick and alone, you can feel unworthy of living…But at Casey House, they help you to live again.” – Kassim, Casey House Community Client

At Casey House we offer three types of inpatient care depending on the client’s needs:

Sub-acute care

When the level of care cannot be met with community based care support or the client is exiting an acute care hospital, clients can be admitted for sub-acute rehabilitative care. This inpatient care consists of pain management, medication adherence, symptom control, post-hospital discharge support, and care-giver support. Our medical staff is specialized in treating HIV co-morbidities including hepatitis C, lymphoma, HIV-related dementia, diabetes, and cardiac and psychiatric symptoms.
Discharge planning is initiated from the moment of admission. Working towards a smooth transition back to the community, we ensure the client’s needs continue to be addressed after discharge along with supporting the client’s transition from the hospital to the community.

Palliative/end of life care

An enduring element of our inpatient program is compassionate palliative care for people experiencing the final stages of life. Our skilled and highly experienced team of caregivers support clients and their loved ones through the final days or weeks of life, ensuring that the client’s wishes are followed with dignity and compassion.

Clients requiring end of life care are admitted to Casey House as a priority. Palliative care for these clients includes pain control and symptom management.

Respite care

Casey House has two dedicated respite care beds, which are available to a client for up to 14 days as they access specialized healthcare, frequently when recovering from a surgery or other health complications related to HIV/AIDS. Two-week, around-the-clock respite care can be a valuable option for clients experiencing HIV/AIDS symptoms that require intensive management, such as difficulty adjusting to a new medication. It is often just what our clients need to get their health back under control while providing a break for family and friends. Respite care provides relief and security, not only for our clients, but for their loved ones and support networks.

Respite admissions are pre-booked based on the order of the referral received and open to Casey House clients only.

For inquiries about our inpatient program, please contact our clinical manager, at 416-962-7600 ext. 2016.