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Clients in our community program rely on our care to manage their symptoms and regain their strength in order to stay out of hospital and remain in their community.


“As a nurse myself, I can tell you that all nurses are caring in some way, but at Casey House it’s different. It’s a holistic caring. They’re not just looking at one illness or one problem. They’re treating all the needs you have as a whole person.” – Bruce, home care client

In collaboration with our community partners, other care providers, and hospitals, we work in a variety of community settings beyond people’s homes to ensure that anyone living with HIV/AIDS is able to receive our services and the best care possible.

Some clients who access the community care program are managing new or chronic symptoms that do not require the intensive care that the inpatient program can provide. Others use community care because mobility challenges prevent the ability to access Casey House’s facilities. As people live longer with HIV/AIDS, many clients move back and forth between the inpatient program and the community care program, as their care needs change.  As well, for those who wish to spend their final days at home with the support of family and friends, we assist with our community care program.

Our community care program provides a wide range of services for clients living in the community, such as:

  • Direct, home-based (or the client’s environment of choice) nursing care for those who cannot access our in-hospital day health program
  • Care coordination and education by registered nurses
  • Enhanced nursing hours beyond those provided through Toronto Central LHIN, we work with community providers to support enhanced community services matched to client needs
  • Counselling and practical support from experienced social workers
  • Recreational therapy

Access to our community care program is open to everyone HIV+ and over the age of 18 who has been referred for Community Care Access Centre Services first and has gone through our intake process, whether or not they’ve had a history or a prior connection with Casey House.

Child Care Fund:
Casey House Foundation raises money for the child care fund. Through this donor funding, AIDS service organizations can access child care funding for women with children under the age of 12. This enables mothers or fathers to focus on their own health care needs by attending medical appointments or workshops related to HIV, obtaining respite care, or being admitted to hospital.

Community Care Access Centres (CCAC) Services

Clients living in the community can access Casey House nursing services through the Toronto Central and Central East CCAC if treatment, monitoring, or education is required. CCAC clients receiving care from Casey House nurses also have access to community care program services.  CCAC services are referred by a family GP, hospitals or a nurse practitioner in the community.

For other inquiries about our community care program, please contact our clinical manager, at 416-962-7600 ext. 3017.