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Caring since 1988

Casey House is a specialty HIV/AIDS hospital, offering comprehensive and compassionate health care programs for clients and their families. Our care seeks to maximize the individual’s quality of life; the emphasis is on living rather than dying. We recognize that while a cure is not yet possible, providing care and comfort can vastly improve an individual’s well-being.

Helping hand

We realize the value of attending to the emotional, social and spiritual needs along with the physical health care requirements. We view each person as having unique hopes, fears, anger, expectations and desires. We recognize each person as having individual views of family and lifestyle. The person is valued as the central focus of our work, participating fully in choices and direction of care.

Our care may not be appropriate for everyone. Some health conditions may demand treatment or equipment not available in the Inpatient or Home Care Programs, and some persons may find the program unsuited to their personal needs. But for many, Casey House will offer a valuable option.