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Suicide Intervention: Strategies for supporting clients

with Yvonne Bergmans, MSW, RSW, PhD
Suicide intervention consultant at the suicide studies unit of the Arthur Sommer Rotenberg Chair in suicide studies, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto

A webinar for service providers caring for people living with HIV

Wednesday September 27, 2-3 p.m.

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Learn more about:

  • Emotional de-escalation & problem solving
  • Distraction, self-soothing & grounding strategies
  • Crisis planning
  • Group therapy
  • Care for the care provider

About Dr. Bergmans: For the past 18 years, Yvonne has led the 20 week Skills for Safer Living/PISA intervention for people with recurrent suicide attempts at the Suicide Studies Research Unit at St. Michael’s. Her clinical work includes social work psychotherapy, risk assessment and consultations throughout the Mental Health Department at St. Michael’s. She is actively involved in several research and education projects at St. Michael’s and in collaboration with communities in and outside of Canada.

This webinar is being held by Casey House in collaboration with the OHTN