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Counselling and therapeutic relationships, including ecotherapy

part of Casey House’s HIV/AIDS and mental health series in collaboration with the OHTN

with Michael Hazelton, MSW RSW and Jamie Myslik, MSW RSW from David Kelley Services, Family Service Toronto

Wednesday December 6,  12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Casey House, 119 Isabella Street

Registration required, contact

Learning objectives:
1. Explore how unique interventions can be supported in community agencies
2. Review the fields of ecotherapy and applied ecopsychology, and how they can be formulated into a group
3. Understand what David Kelley Services staff have learned running ecotherapy groups

Jamie Myslik is a counsellor at David Kelley Services (DKS).  With academic backgrounds in social work and research psychology, he has been counselling folks in LGBTT2SQQIA+ communitities and PLHIV for more than a decade.  He has found healing in nature for much longer than that, and has been incorporatiing it into his professional practice over the past few years.

Michael Hazelton is a counsellor at David Kelley Services.  He has 30+ years of clinical experience in emergency services and community-based organizations.  He has been counselling and advocating specifically for the LGBTT2SQQIA+ communities & PLHIV, affected by or at-risk of HIV for the past decade.  Michael has been instumental in developing new approaches to respond to the ever-changing biological, pyschological and social needs of PLHIV.