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Throughout more than a decade, Stephen Edwards received care from Casey House, both in the hospice and in the comfort of his own home. Stephen was a committed and brave advocate for HIV/AIDS care, and was profiled in the pages of our annual report for several years until his death in 2005.

Stephen’s father Graham has never forgotten what Casey House meant to his son.

“Casey House was able to provide the sort of care at home that he wasn’t able to get any other way,” says Graham. “Because of Casey House, and because of his partner Wayne, Stephen’s quality of life was manageable at home for much longer than it would have been otherwise.”

Today, Graham makes an annual gift to Casey House on the anniversary of Stephen’s death. He has also designated Casey House as a beneficiary in his will. “I know that Stephen would have given something to Casey House if he’d had the means,” says Graham. “In his own way, he did.”