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In celebration of the 12 days of Casey House Christmas December 18-29, 2020

1st day: One pharmacist. This spring, Casey House welcomed pharmacist Jonathan Smith to join the integrated team of health care workers caring for clients. Pharmacists play a key role in holistic approaches to health care.

2nd day: Two #smashstigma TV shows to expose HIV stigma. We wrote HIV into the lives of lead characters from two iconic TV shows after a survey showed people would rather see their favourite character die than be diagnosed with HIV.  Visit

3rd day: Three nights of June’s HIV+ Eatery. Smashing stigma family-style with delicious food made with the help of 14 HIV+ chefs. Get a taste of it here.

4th day: In Canada, someone is diagnosed with HIV every 4 hours and Health Canada’s recent approval of an HIV self-test means there is finally a safe, simple and effective HIV testing option for Canadians.

5th day: Casey House research appeared in five peer reviewed research publications, contributing to a growing body of knowledge of HIV and judgment-free health care.

6th day: Six Untold Stories of Stigma, see the faces and hear stories of how stigma impacted six people living with HIV and how they learned to flourish at

7th day: Seven days left to qualify for a 2020 tax receipt. Donate now

8th day: Eight performers entertained our Voices for World AIDS Day audience, celebrating all who live with HIV while raising funds for essential programs.  Watch the show here

9th day: Nine months since COVID-19 started impacting everything. While the day health program had to suspend many activities, it didn’t stop us pivoting to meet client needs by addressing food insecurity and continuing to distribute harm reduction supplies.

10th day: Ten bed surge unit built in our dining room this spring. Our small but mighty contribution to Ontario’s hospital capacity during the pandemic.

11th day: The inpatient team accessed over $11,000 from our care and comfort fund to provide clients with much-needed necessities, such as a mattress to sleep on, a cell phone to remain connected with their community workers; and home cleaning for hoarding and bedbugs so they can move back into a safe and healthy space.

12th day: A 12 week group based physiotherapy exercise program– clients benefit from a a 60 min class 3x/week for 12 weeks led by physiotherapist and RN that includes warm-up, eleven circuits, cool down and stretches