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Casey House is proud to be the honoured group for Pride 2018.  As a long-standing part of Toronto’s LGBT community celebrating 30 years of compassionate care, we look forward to marching with clients, volunteers, staff members, and supporters in the parade.

Clients in particular value the parade as a time to embrace all their identities and celebrate who they fully are. As Canada’s only stand-alone HIV/AIDS specialty hospital Casey House encourages experiences that are welcoming for all people living with HIV.

35 years of AIDS activism is this year’s theme, what does it mean for Casey House to see Pride honour AIDS activism in this way?
Casey House is pleased to see Pride Toronto honour AIDS activism.  Making AIDS activism this year’s theme honours the advances of the past 35 years for people living with HIV while highlighting the work still to be done.

Casey House aims to make the humanity of our clients more visible than their HIV. Unfortunately, despite 35 years of AIDS activism, many people can’t see past a positive status; stigma is a reality for many people living with HIV that most of the world doesn’t notice. The misconceptions, the judgement, and the mis-information about transmission- it’s still out there.  We see the effects in the faces of our clients. There is stigma to be smashed.

Casey House encourages our extended friends and family to march with us in the parade, Sunday June 24.  Let us know if you want to march with us- we have T-shirts! Contact