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Annual Report

Inspired Change

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Adapting to change is at the root of Casey House’s pioneering health care leadership. When Casey House opened in 1988, we were the first freestanding AIDS hospice in Ontario. Health care providers from across Canada and beyond visited Casey house not just to learn how we cared for people who were dying of AIDS, but simply to learn about our innovative, holistic and compassionate approach to end of life care.

Since that time, wonderful advances in HIV treatment have evolved and a diagnosis of HIV is no longer a terminal disease, if a person is able to access effective treatment. However, many people in our community face barriers to care, or have developed complications that result in a very complex burden of illness.

In keeping with our founding values, it is these people that Casey House serves today: The most sick, the most marginalized, the most alone.

Continuing to pioneer HIV care in our community, in late 2016 Casey House is scheduled to open a greatly expanded facility that will feature a new model of care, including a new Day Health Program.

Read the Casey House Annual Report 2014-15 >>

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