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Since the day we opened our doors in 1988, it’s been clear: Casey House is different. Yes, we are Canada’s first and only stand-alone hospital for people with HIV/AIDS with a multi-disciplinary approach to health and well-being, but it’s the way we treat our clients that sets us apart.

We believe our clients deserve to be cared for and treated with dignity, and that their humanity should be more visible than their disease. It’s what we’ve done from the very beginning. In fact, our first patient was delivered to the door by a team of medics wearing hazmat suits.  He was greeted by Casey House with a warm embrace.  It was the first time he’d been touched in months.

We are passionate about breaking down barriers and removing stigmas, and we take a holistic approach to our care, which means that we listen to our clients, understand their situations and help without judgement.

Casey House is much more than a place for clients to get better. We’re a place where clients receive compassion. Where they can feel empowered. Where they can feel respected. Where they can feel included.

Compassion has a new home!

In 2017, Casey House built compassion a new home with a 58,000 square foot purpose-built facility designed to deliver an enhanced model of care that always puts our clients first. A place where clients can receive holistic care in a non-judgmental, stigma-free setting, Casey House provides programs and services to help people as well as their health care issues. Situated on Jarvis Street in downtown Toronto, Casey House’s new home ensures those who live with HIV/AIDS are not forgotten or overlooked.

As a relatively new disease, HIV/AIDS continues to change in the way it affects individuals as well as the groups of people affected. We have witnessed a dramatic evolution in the face of HIV/AIDS in the past two decades. Our community has seen an increase in infection rates in women, youth, Indigenous people, people from countries where HIV is endemic, and people who are homeless, hard-to-house, or underhoused. We’ve also seen our aging clients confronted with complex and concurrent health issues as people live longer with the disease.

To meet the needs of our clients, we don’t keep our focus internal, but proudly collaborate and affiliate with organizations and agencies in our community to provide the very best in HIV/AIDS care. We listen to our clients, understand their situations and help without judgement, wherever services are needed, whether in our clients’ homes, at clinics, or through outreach.

Access to all

Compassionate Care

Casey House believes in care that addresses not only an individual’s medical concerns, but multiple aspects of who they are and what they are experiencing. Our caregivers collaborate as an inter-professional team to provide compassionate, supportive care that is client-centered, holistic and culturally sensitive.

Our clients regularly tell us that it’s the people who make Casey House so special. From the dedicated group of volunteers who founded Casey House in 1988, to our current physicians, nurses, therapy practitioners, social workers, volunteers, and most importantly our clients and their loved ones– everyone is part of the team.

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