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Casey House’s strategic plan emphasizes collaboration and the development of ongoing partnerships. We are part of a broad continuum of providers that care for persons with HIV. We recognize the critical importance of ensuring that persons with HIV/AIDS have timely access to the full range of community-based resources that they need. We work closely with our community partners to bridge expertise, inform and learn from each other. We work together to make the most effective use of resources for the care and well being of medically complex people living with HIV/AIDS.

Our current partnerships include:

Loft Community Services- McEwan Housing and Support Services

The HIV/AIDS Complex Care Project

St. Michael’s Hospital

The Rekai Centres

Toronto HIV/AIDS Network (THN)

Toronto HIV/AIDS Network Housing Partnership

Toronto Public Health – The Works

Fife House

Sherbourne Health Centre

CANFAR, Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation and Maison du Parc

Women’s HIV Circle of Care Nursing Clinic

Prisoners’ HIV/AIDS Support Action Network (PASAN)