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At Casey House, every staff member and volunteer acts and delivers care to our clients in a way that reflects and follows our vision, our mission and our values.


Through compassion and social justice, we are at the forefront of empowering the lives of every client.


With an innovative and inter-professional approach to health care, we empower the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS. We believe in the importance of client-driven care achieved through deliberate inclusivity, unequivocal compassion, and mindful collaboration.


Casey House believes passionately in our core values:

Unequivocal Compassion
Compassion has, and always will, find a home at Casey House. Our compassion comes from genuine empathy and respect for our clients’ emotional and physical challenges.

Informed, Client-Driven Care
Our clients drive decisions regarding their own care. Those decisions must be based on the best, most current information, and on options that we mutually explore. We respect our clients’ priorities, and right to determine what quality of life means to them.

Deliberate Inclusivity
We take deliberate steps to provide services that are accessible and welcoming to people living with HIV, respecting their other identities, choices, circumstances or experiences. The experience and engagement of people living with HIV, and the communities primarily affected by HIV, are integral to our success as an inclusive, equity-minded organization.

Creative, Mindful Collaboration
We value the contributions and wisdom of our colleagues.  We work as an integrated team, communicating openly to provide seamless care.  We collaborate externally.  We do so mindfully, so that together as partners, we can build creative solutions to address our clients’ complex needs.

Courageous Advocacy
We act courageously for clients who need an advocate. As an organization, we also leverage our reputation and our strengths to improve the well-being of all people living with, or at risk of, HIV.

Responsive Innovation
We do not accept complacency in our efforts to continuously improve.  We respond and evolve boldly, using evidence and ingenuity, to achieve excellence in HIV care.