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In celebration of the twelve days of Casey House Christmas December 20-31.

1st day: One new medical director.  Dr. Malika Sharma joined Casey House at the beginning of this month. 

2nd day: Two dedicated respite beds on our inpatient floor, which are available to clients for up to 14 days. It’s often just what clients need to get their health back under control.  Read more… 

3rd day: Three days of #smashstigma- June’s HIV+ Eatery, the first in the world, was open for three evenings in November and challenged the misconception that HIV is transmissible through food preparation by serving a meal prepared by HIV+ cooks.

4th day: Four community care activities– As part of our community care programming, Casey House nurses reach out to clients living in the community with home-based nursing care; care coordination; enhanced nursing hours and counselling and practical support from social workers

5th day: Casey House provides five streams of care: inpatient, day health program, community care, outreach and social community Read more…

6th day: Casey House believes passionately in our six core values: unequivocal compassion; informed client-driven care; deliberate inclusivity; creative mindful collaboration; courageous advocacy; and responsive innovation.  Read more… 

7th day: Seven people are diagnosed with HIV every day in Canada.  One half of those people live in Ontario, and two thirds of the newly diagnosed Ontarians call Toronto home.  HIV, it’s not over.

8th day: At Casey House’s fundraising auction, Art With Heart, eight groups generously matched the sale price of a lot with a donation to Casey House.  Together, matching lot sponsors donated $25,000.

9th day: MAC cosmetics teams of volunteers held nine harm reduction kit-building sessions at Casey House, putting together safe injection and safe inhalation kits for substance users.

10th day: Casey House celebrated the 10th anniversary of Voices for World AIDS Day. The concert took place Nov 30 on the eve of World AIDS Day at St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts

11th day: Casey House hosted eleven education events in collaboration with community partners including suicidality webinars and a symposium with a focus on mental health and substance use.  Casey House education events are for service providers caring for people living with HIV/AIDS

12th day: Only twelve hours left to qualify for a 2017 tax receipt.  If you haven’t donated to Casey House this year, and would like to… Donate now