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Casey House works in partnership with other agencies in our city to provide skilled HIV nursing care at outreach clinics and on board a mobile health bus. These programs serve some of our city’s most vulnerable people, and are made possible through donor support.


Casey House Registered Nurses provide health care on board the Sherbourne Health Bus.

A history or prior connection with Casey House is not needed to access our community outreach program. Our nurses get to know outreach clients through on-the-spot intake and adjust care to best meet their needs.

Sherbourne Health Bus:

Every week, a Casey House nurse is on board the Sherbourne Health Bus to provide a range of health care services including HIV/AIDS nursing care to people who may not have other access to healthcare, including the under-housed HIV/AIDS population.

Prisoners’ HIV/AIDS Support Action Network (PASAN):

Casey House provides nurse and social work support at a twice-monthly HIV clinic offered by PASAN.

Women’s Clinic Outreach:

Casey House reaches out to women living with HIV through our collaboration with community partners including the Hassle Free Clinic, PASAN, PWA Foundation and the AIDS Committee of Toronto. In addition to providing a specialized HIV nurse at the clinic, Casey House subsidizes child care costs, to ensure that parents may attend appointments.

Child Care Fund:

Casey House Foundation raises money for the child care fund. Through this donor funding, AIDS service organizations can access child care funding for women with children under the age of 12. This enables mothers or fathers to focus on their own health care needs by attending medical appointments or workshops related to HIV, obtaining respite care, or being admitted to hospital.

For other inquiries about our community outreach program, please contact our clinical manager, at 416-962-4040 ext. 2036.