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People living with HIV/ AIDS are both resilient and resourceful.  However, living ‘Positive’ can over time for many become complex with medications, treatments, co-morbidities (or co-existing medical conditions), and potential complications related to the interactions of all of these issues.

No one course of action, service, medication or approach will work for everyone and yet Casey House recognizes our clients’ need to pursue the best possible care and provides support to accommodate their unique needs.

Given the complexity of HIV, Casey House recommends to all people living with HIV/AIDS that they connect with individuals and services that can provide them with information and support unique to their needs.

These include but are not limited to:

  1. A Family Practice Physician / General Practitioner – whom you feel you can trust, share your health information, challenges and issues with, and works with you to pursue your health goals.
  2. An HIV Specialist / Infectious Disease Physician– these physicians specialize in HIV care and can support and consult your Family Physician and/or you to assess and treat the HIV illness throughout its course.